Kudos to Mod

Back in Oct 22 I posted a question here about contacting Mod concerning a Duo X that was returned for repair. Won’t go through all of the detail…suffice to say the timing was bad with the company financial re-org and all of the transitions not to mention the pandemic. Anyway, after many, many months everything got resolved.

I never came back to publicly thank Joao and the team at Mod for helping me. They could have walked away from the problem but didn’t. I have nothing but the deepest respect and regard for Mod.

Cheers everyone.


Nice to hear your report @gnapier !

How are you enjoying the DuoX, what are you using it for?


The Duo-X was a great unit but, given what I perceive as development directions, I opted to take a Dwarf as a replacement. It’s hooked into a patchbay, and I use it as an external effects processor for my DAW.

I have not noticed a huge hit in capabilities given my needs.


Very happy to read @gnapier

Thank you very much for your support!