Knok to custom integer fields


I am playing for few days with the DuoX and have some fun with :slight_smile:

But i am stuck to configure some plugin fields using the knoks.

For instance i want to connect a knok to a rakarrack Reverb plugin parameter, but i only can connect endless knoks, which is a big limitation. Normal knoks are not allowed here, i guess, cause the parameter is an integer? But here a knok feet exactly what i want, a value somewhere between 0…127, i don’t care about a step of 1.

Is that a known general problem? Is that a problem on this specific plugin configuration? or the way it is packaged to Mod? Any idea if this constraint can be relaxed at on point?

Is there a page with the mapping between LV2 params and ModX device connection available? Cause i am also interested in other things like 1 distinct selection of 4 using 4 press buttons for example.

This is a software limitation on the device firmware. We already discussed this internally, the “fix” (allowing integers in the potentiometer knobs) is already done, so it is coming in v1.9


great… can i “like” your comment twice!?! :fist_left::clap:


Yes. Thanks a lot. Nice to know :slight_smile: