Knob mod... say it 5 times fast (just add heat shrink)


This got me curious :wink:

Why the rubber around the knobs? Are they not grippy enough?

I don’t want to start something with those knobs, They’re great! I know you guys spent some REAL time dev’ing those knobs, but my dainty soft computer keyboard hands were developing calluses, and i like to dress up my gear.

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Got it.

That is interested to read and brings such a valuable input. I’m a guitar player so the calluses are a constant :wink:

We actually have considered rubber coated knobs. But we dumped the idea because once the rubber starts getting grease accumulated, the resulting “touch feel” would be highly unwanted.

Do you consider this to be a problem?

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The nice thing with @dsorce idea is that these rubbers are easily replaceable when they get old/dirty. I think it’s better than having them on from factory


not yet but i will report back.

Thanks for that decision. I have too many devices where, a likely, cheap coating was used for grip and the polymer reverts back to its original state. You can’t really do much to it after that especially if it’s not a replaceable part like a handle. It’s probably a cost saving measure rather than having grooves in the plastic or metal.

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