Kickstarter address change

Hi, can someone tell me where to change my address for the Dwarf shipments through Kickstarter? Sorry to ask here, I just want to change it before it potentially gets shipped.

Thanks guys!

Hey @JEL,

You should go to the top right corner on the Kickstarter page, click on your account icon, and in the drop-down menu go to settings.
There you have a tab called “Shipping Address” (check the screenshot). You can update it there.
If you pledged a MOD Dwarf beta, please DM me asap.

Hey @jon,

Apologies for hijacking this post but I could not for the life in me figure out how to send a DM or start a new topic in the forum (perhaps because I have not been actively posting) :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’m an Indiegogo backer (contribution #321, August Perk) and selected option 1 on the recent shipping date preferences email.

I need to update my delivery Address asap and just wondered if I should do this with you directly or via Indiegogo?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @Spacist,

No worries. I just updated your trust levels, so now you must be able to post and DM (let me know if you are not).

Please DM me with your new address and pledge number. If you are moving and depending on our shipping date can still receive it at your old address, please include on your DM the date when you move to the new address.

Hope that works.


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Thanks a bunch Jon! :slight_smile:

I sent you a DM


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