Keyboard shortcuts

Is it possible to assign computer keyboard keys to trigger functions on the pedals (plugins)?
I was thinking about controlling the Sooper Looper with my computer keyboard.


There are various projects for PC-Keyboard -> MIDI one example for Linux is

Thanks @x42!
Good to know that there are a way to do it but I will not pursue that idea any more.
As a guitar player I´ll have both hands busy when I start the sooper looper so I will really need a foot controller.

Maybe I misunderstood, I thought you did want to use a “computer keyboard” (PC keyboard).

For foot control… it’s a lot easier> Any MIDI controller will do, the MOD also has an option for dedicated foot-pedals.

You understood perfectly I did want to use a computer keyboard and I still think it´s a good idea. Just not for guitar playing.
Right now I have a Boss GT-10 that I´ll use as a foot controller for test purposes.

About the dedicated MOD foot controllers I think I´ll start another topic.