K-devices plugins missing from plugin store? TTap, etc

Hi, I realized there are a few plugins that seem to be unavailable from the plugin store on my new-used Duo X that I have available on my Dwarf, specifically TTAP and that other K-Devices plugin, a tremolo I think…

Anyone know what’s going on, why they might not be appearing or searchable in my plugin store page?

just bumping this… My web UI is at a crawl too, and the unit only has the factory pedalboards on it… would it possibly helpful to do a hard reset/restore?

Are you using Bluetooth, USB or Wifi to connect to the Dwarf?

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it’s a Duo X, and I’m using USB…

Also can’t find them, neither on the Dwarf nor on the Duo. I guess they aren’t sold anymore on the MOD store.

Sorry, I read DuoX but wrote Dwarf anyway…
So loading the plugin list behaves slow, but the board constructor and pedalboard library loads normally fast? Or is everything slow?
Is your DuoX on the newest firmware version?

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Thanks for the reply, @CharlyRebell, I appreciate it. The plugin list actually seems fine as it loads, but moving plugins onto the board/connectors, etc. is just molasses, so much input lag. Yeah it’s updated. I’m hesitant to erase/restore it… but if it helped I’d do it. I may also delete all the factory pedalboards, but it just doesn’t have enough on it for that to slow it down…

I wonder if there’s some other way to get the K-Devices plugins on the unit-- I love the TTAP on my Dwarf, and it seems a shame to not have it on the Duo X.

A quick update on the K-Devices topic.

I have spoken to Alessio and we agreed to have them available until March 31st 2024, so that those interested in pruchasing can do so.

I’ll release a general announcement int he next days.



Yo Modfather! Just checking in on this-- I managed to download the trial version of the TTAP but don’t see an option to purchase it, etc. (I already purchased it for my Dwarf, happy to provide serial numbers to transfer license to my Duo X also-- or buy it again if I have to). Thank you!!!

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Please send me the serial numbers of your devices on private

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So it turned out that my Dwarf version of TTAP was from the kickstarter (I totally thought I’d bought it)-- so of course there’s no transfer to my Duo X… but I haven’t seen anything about buying it here on the forums, and when the trial version was in the plugin store, there was no option to buy the full version-- are MOD and K-Devices still planning on offering this for sale again?? I realize March 31 is long past but it seems that the purchase option wasn’t enabled before then anyway— I know there are lots of other delays, but there are some cool features of TTAP that I’d love to have access to on my Duo X…

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