Just curious about pre-assembled dsp pcb


I’m just curious why you use a pre-assembled dsp pcb in the Dwarf?

I see this in a lot of mfx I have owned. Is it cheaper to buy these pcb’s than designing the dsp part yourself? Or is it just an extra safety so you know this part is allready working?

Other companies say they can’t improve their software anymore because of the limit of memory. And that was on the dsp pcb. So if they had made their own design, they could have choosen bigger memory to be more future proof.

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well the pcb is a custom design from mod devices running a dedicated linux os
with open source lv2 based linux plugins on top.

its basically a computer with an included soundcard.

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Ah. So this is not just a standard dsp pcb but custom made with the arm processor on it as well. I got it.