JPC - Stone Phaser - (a vintage analog phaser pedal)

Hello. I would like to present a phaser plugin which is a modest imitation of a Small Stone analog pedal, which has been enjoyed by a few people who have tried playing with it.

Home page


Currently, the plugin is submitted to mod-plugin-builder, and waits to be approved.
Thanks go to falkTX for creating the DPF framework, which make plugin creation so much easier.

This is my first attempt at plugin publishing, and hopefully I plan to offer more of my work of my future.

Best. -JPC

Update: the effet is now available in the beta plugin store. Have fun.


Cool! We needed another phaser, will have a look next time I update! Thanks for your work on this!

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Been playing with this a bit - really enjoying it! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Not a phaser guy myself but grateful for your contribution to the ecosystem! Will certainly try it out sometime…


I’m having an issue with this plugin being initialized even if it’s switched off when I load the pedalboard containing it or when I boot my MOD Duo.

The plugin is assigned to my MOD Footswitch and even when the assigned footswitch is not toggled I can hear the phaser when the pedalboard gets loaded or the MODDuo boots. Once I cycle the footswitch on and off the phaser stops and it works as expected for the rest of the session.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? I’m still on firmware release 1.6.3

consider updating your mod duo to the latest stable firmware, which is 1.7.4

Confirmed. It seems this problem can be made happen with the computer version in Ardour as well. I’m going to examine it.

This pedal sounds fantastic
I would, however, love to be able to have a much faster LFO limit, maybe as high as 20 hz

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