JAD & Freer Glam

Here some captures of my bandmate amp, I’m still testing some reamp boxes, these were the best results of 3 captures for every channel, sometimes better results with a radial and some times with a Palmer, I can’t decide :upside_down_face:

Anyway, enjoy!

glam lead esr 0.013.json (53.3 KB)
glam crunch esr 0.041.json (53.6 KB)
glam drive esr 0.017.json (53.8 KB)
glam clean esr 0.025.json (53.6 KB)


These sound really good! Great job.

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The AIDA-X team has release the AIDA-X Cloud: https://cloud.aida-x.cc/

Would you upload these models there? :pray: