Jad Freer Capo - Bass preamp

My first captures with AIDA-X, not perfect but pretty close!

Here are the settings I used, this is pretty much my default bass tone.

Above settings with both A & B sides engaged with B into A:
capo-b-into-a.json (31.7 KB)

Same again but just the A side:
capo-a.json (31.8 KB)

I’ll probably try and get some more models at some point capturing a range of settings with different gain levels and blends of the modern/vintage voicings (J/F) too in future but for now these are a fairly good starting point.


that’s pretty awesome! Is there some guide on how to do this? I have some preamp tones that I would like to get captured.


I used the official guide - Guide: AIDA-X Training with Colab - MOD Audio website

The tricky bit is getting all the levels right and syncing up the target.wav to offset latency. I’m sure there’s a tool that can do that for you though.

this part is already handled by the script with the markers at the begging of the input.wav.
See Modeling amps and pedals for the AIDA-X: Best practices - MOD Audio website

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Yeah being able to use the provided input.wav was a game changer, I didn’t have a reamp box at the time and never occurred to me to use the Dwarf to play the input.

Just a slight adjustments to the website, the modelling loop could be made even more convinient, with the new CV port on the player. You can tie the recorder to the CV control of the player, so it will automatically start/stop the recording at the exact time of the play being started and stopped. Just need to turn off the looping.

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The AIDA-X team has released the AIDA-X Cloud: https://cloud.aida-x.cc/

Would you upload your models there? :pray:

@gianfranco haven’t forgotten this, planning on getting some proper captures of multiple settings with the CAPO.


Done and with much improved ESR of under 0.02 :raised_hands:


Awesome @mrdinsdale

Thank you very much!


Still have some work to do on these, the gain hasn’t really been captured that well but they all still sound nice albeit cleaner than intended!

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