Issues with AC adapter

After gaming a bit I went back to my browser noticing the Mod had disconnected.
Looked down on floor and noticed the Mod’s displays gone black. Tried to restart to no avail.
Then I notices the green light on the ac adaptor blinking.
Don’t know what has happenend. Just died. Seriously?
My ModDuo also died on me. Refused to boot. Haven’t sent it yet due to two rounds of Covid19.
Getting serious doubt about the Mods… Really liked them but…
Can I use the adapter to the ModDuo instead while it is being sent for repairs?

How to reproduce

Try to disconnect/connect. Same thing. Blinking light on the adapter.

  1. Try to disconnect/connect. Same thing. Blinking light on the adapter.

Expected/suggested solution

Wouldn’t mind if BOTH of them worked!

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the version.
Can’t do that since read above.

Also provide some information about your system if possible.
Asus Rog Strix Scar

  • Operating system: (Linux, Mac or Windows)
  • System version: (Windows 10 )

Sorry I’m a bit confused by which device is being used and which part has failed

I’m guessing from what you wrote that you have a Dwarf and a Duo?

So you have two power supplies, one that came which each of the devices and only one of them has failed.

Is that correct?

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Ahh, sorry that I was unclear :slight_smile: Wrote that late at night.
It’s the power adapter to the ModX that seems to have died. Blinking green light, ModX does not start (black screens)
I also have a ModDuo that won’t boot (hangs on bootscreen) that I haven’t sent for repair yet.
So my question was if I can use the ac adapter from the ModDuo for the ModDuoX?
Or this one (sorry, swedish but I think you get the gist)

Hope I was some what clearer now :slight_smile:

Just to make it clear for the future, there is no ModX. The Company is called MOD
The devices are called:
Duo X

Just saying it because it makes it a lot easier for us to help when we know for sure which devices we are talking about

The Duo and the Duo X use the same power supply so it will be okay to use the one from your Duo on the Duo X instead while you send the Duo back for repair. Perhaps you can send back the faulty power supply with it and I’m sure @jon can arrange to send you a new power supply

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If the AC adapter light is blinking green, it means its entering a protective state and retrying some time later. This means either the adapter or the device got damaged.

please contact to arrange a repair.
(not all AC adapters are current limited and if the problem is on the device side, the problem might become worse)

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Ok, tried this; I disconnected the adapter from the MOdDuoX; steady green light.
Reconnected; blinking light, quick flash on the screens, then black screens.
Tried the the ModDuo adapter, decice starts, lights lit up but seemd to hang on boot. Restarted, it worked.
Tried to reconnect with the ModDuoX adapter,it works.
Can’t make heads or tails of this :slight_smile: