Issue with Arpegiator

Thanks for the clarification. I understand it can be trickky in software to ensure real time sync without missing a beat but it can be done and made quite reliable as witnessed by for instance most DAW accepting to work as clock slaves like Bitwig or stand alone Arturia synths all working in perfect beat sync even with a quite heavy load on the PC.
In the meantime I’ll contine using My DuoX more as an effect processor.
I really believe in this product. It has enormous potential. And I do hope ModDevice will be successfull and stay financially viable in the long term. Part of this however will depend on how reliably the device delivers on its promisse and not only with new functionality. Things that are there already must work reliably. And that is not the case yet.


The case for bitwig is an interesting one, I was not aware it did MIDI (input) sync.
I have a feeling for who is the person responsible for that stability :thinking:
It is good to hear when we see others doing it, it proves it is indeed possible.

One alternative to having this done in the host is to have plugins doing it themselves.
Looperlative went into that direction, there are other plugins we have already that we could change to have a MIDI sync option (without relying on the host).
In my opinion, would be great to have the metronome sync via MIDI, it is a perfect candidate to investigate such issues.


Just stumbled on this cause I was trying to sync a sequencer to external clock. This is extremly disapointing. totally agree with @luke101 that sequencers and arps are basically useless in almost any electronic music setup if they can’t be synced externally :anguished:

@falkTX; @gianfranco Hi.I know it might seem not high prio right now while you guys are consolidating after reboot, but having a strong midi sync would appeal to a lot of pro studio guys in need of rock solid beat perfect sync even with tempo variations. Like I said, all my midi pedals from Roland, my arturia keystep and drumbrute and even bitwig can do it. Without this beat perfect sync, all the midi stuff you guys have implemented is just a gymic. To any serious musician into midi studio work, not having this feature is a simple NO GO. I’ve backed your reboot project because I do believe in the concept, but big holes in the implementation like these are preventing you guys to venture into maintream. Again please provide a roadmap for a strong beat perfect midi sync at the core of Mod devices. Txs

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