Issue with Arpegiator

I’m testing the arpegiator and can’t seem to get it start when I press the chords keys. It systematically starts with aprox one second delay.

Setup: Mod Duo X connected in Midi to a Dave Smith Tetra. Whether internal tempo or host tempo doesn’t make a difference. Just always this delay before Arp starts. As such it is unusable.

Anyone can help with this one?


Hmmm, I use the arpeggiator a lot and never seen this delay, can you share your pedalboard or at least post a screenshot of it?

A screenshot will not add much at all. It just shows the Arpegiator connected to midi in and out on the UI and that’s it. I’ve done further quite exensive testing with Mod Duo around host tempo sync and it just does not work. It kind of follows the host tempo but with very low precision and goes out of sync rapidly; Certainly when changing tempo. For me right now the device is useless. If no satisfactory answer from support, I’ll have to return it.

Do you see the same issue when you use an internal synth generator?
And which firmware version are you on?

The screenshot you show doesn’t have the arpegiator synced to the host clock, btw.

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According to

, it makes no difference.

Well, I can only say that on a DuoX with the latest firmware the arpegiator works great and I use it in a bunch of patches, often more than one at a time.

So, again, which firmware and what about internal usage?

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Have you get this sorted out in the meantime?

Sorry for the delay. No. Not yet. Support is on the case. Looks like there are still some flaws in the midi implementation. I’m doing further analysis on my side with mod duo X midi out directed to midi in of my interface to monitor mod midi out using midiox.
Arpegiator outputs a ton of midi messages when you hit the keyboard. Currently I use a midi filter on the mod to get rid of them but I really don’t see the reason for this verbose.
Main remaining isssue is host tempo sync that really doesn’t work well at all. This seems to be acknowledged by support and a firmware fox might come out soon to resolve. Crossing my fingers.

I would suggest you to keep a close eye on the firmware updates :wink:

I talked to one of your colleagues today (didn’t get his name correctly). He acknowledge that the current tempo matching is mainly to sync tempo for delays etc that don’t need beat perfect matching. For this, youguys have implemented a new feature on the OS to enable plugins to get direct clock. It now is a matter of waiting for tempo synchable pluggins like arpegiator and sequencers to take advantage of this new feature. Definitelly a priority for me!
Thanks for the great support. Keep up the good work!

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You’re welcome. Let’s hope that those type of plugins are updated rather soon to make the best out of such features.

Hi Jon,

Can you verify following in next release Clock implementation?

  1. Will user be able to specify from what Midi port host clock should be taken? If not, this is a must.

  2. Sequencers and Arp must also respond to host Midi Start/Stop messages which today is not the case. I hope this is part of next release clock implementation

  3. There must also be a way to quantise note starts and Sequencer start so that they start in sync with the beats settings. Ability to remove start quantisation where desired must also exist.

  4. I measured Midi output from Arpegiator with MidiOx and can see a LOT of Midi messages when Arp recieves chord notes before actual arp starts. This is upsetting som synth like the deepmind12. I can filter that out with the midi message filter plugin but I should not have to. What is the purpose of this Midi verbose when you hit the keyboard?

Thanks to acknoledge this message and to transmit to developpers.



The best person to answer you about features development roadmap is actually @falkTX. Maybe he can be more detailed than me here.

Will you then ask him to look into my suggestions?

I forgot to reply here before, sorry.

  1. We have in the plans to split the MIDI clock option so it either picks from USB-MIDI or DIN-MIDI.

  2. Transport start/stop should already be in sync with the corresponding MIDI Start/Stop messages.
    As long as the plugins are set to host sync (the step sequencers by default are not), it will respect this.

  3. Quantising the start is also something in the plans, that we didnt notice when doing the current implementation. The “bar” in bar-beat-tick needs to be in sync with the received MIDI pulses. Right now only BPM is adjusted, which is wrong yes.

Not sure about no. 4, would have to ask @BramGiesen which is the author.


Thanks for the input.

  1. Since USB can host several virtual Midi hosts, ability to specify what specific USB-Midi port to take as Clock provider would be needed.
  2. I’ll test this asap
  3. Cool. Plans to put this on one of your next sprint?
  4. I’ll check with @BramGiesen

Thanks for the great support!

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Hi @falkTX, @jon
Do you guys have a bit more view in what version/sprint the beat perfect clock capability will be added for plugins creators to make use of it? I’m a bit stuck really today as this was my main goal for the Mod Duo to serve as a kind of central midi hub for my setup.

Hi @falkTX , @jon
Ok you guys are really busy with Mod Dwarf. I understand. But the other non guitar use cases deserve some attention too, certainly like in this requiest, as it will benefit everybody and open up an entire market to your company. Beat perfect sync is really a necessity if you want to market the midi and synth part of this wonderfull product.
All I’m asking for is some planning of when you guys will work on this. And of course I’d be glad to test and provide extensive feedback.
I’d really appreciate an answer.


Your post was opened on my computer for a while and I planned to answer you.
Lack of time and also lack of a clear answer was delaying it.
This is a bit complicated to make work properly with everything.
The developers will be taking some time in parallel with the releases to try to improve this, yet there’s not really a well-set timeline.

The issue is not exactly this. We are not busy with features just for the guitar usage of the device (even because the MOD Dwarf is not just for guitar players and not just being used by them at this point (you easily can notice that even here on this forum). The issue is more with resources and roadmap. There are features for the platform and for the devices that were “promised” and are still in development. And unfortunately, our resources are not so stretchable.

We are totally aware of that. But the MOD platform has a blessing and at the same time, a curse that is to be extremely versatile. This together with the dimensions of our company makes it really hard to “select” which user case should we focus on each time. Some users may say that sync is incredibly needed, some other USB audio, some other pedalboard blocks, and some other plugins that make use of file handling (now available). All are actually right, but all take development time from way too few folks in that backstage for the amount of work that every single feature requires. That’s a hard reality, but that we can’t ignore.

Again, although is not on the official plans for 1.11, the developers will take a look at this in parallel with the releases, but yet with no promises on the release/implementation deadline.
Hope you understand.