Issue connecting to Arduino Control Chain shield

My issue is similar to this one: Arduino Shield doesn't connect. I have a control chain shield connected, loaded the firmware for the ExpressionPedalToCC example, and do not get a connection between my Arduino and the Mod Dwarf. Only thing I can think of is the RJ45 cable needing to not have a crossover like network cables do. Other topics do not seem to have an answer to the issue, as the topic I linked ended with someone asking to DM.

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We recently discovered some broken things here.
Basically the Arduino IDE updates killed the library.
I would suggest you to try to upload the code using an Arduino IDE version like the 1.6.13.

Let me know if that works.

hey @jon… any idea when this might be fixed?

while we don’t have a conclusive date, we are planning on updating the Arduino lib right after the release of the expression pedal. The expression pedal requires some new features to be in the library, which we can then all include in one update.


thanks @Jan! that’s awesome… makes sense that the library dev is tied to the expression pedal (which i’m also eagerly awaiting!). :slight_smile:


Using 1.6.13 made no difference, the Arduino is still not recognized as a control chain device. Any other ideas?

After installing that Arduino IDE version just reinstall the Control Chain library and the Timer library.
I almost bet that right now with this version you manage to upload the code, but when you connect the device pops up on the WebGUI as connected, but immediately disconnects, no?

Are you starting a running gag? I love it! :+1: :laughing: