Is upload file size to mod dwarf limited?

Hello, I’m trying to upload some .sf2 file (500MB) to my dwarf and every time I try it the RAM usage goes up and then it shows an error message in the file editor about communication with the server.
Is there some limitation to file size? thanks

this one i trying

I guess you could try uploading this file to the filesystem by some ssh tool (like WinSCP) directly, bypassing the web interface.

However I have no idea if there would be any side effects. At least, I am concerned if there is enough RAM to accommodate that in memory. There is only 1GB of RAM on Dwarf to my knowing, and loading that file might take half of the whole RAM or even more, if it is unpacked in memory somehow.

Before trying that, at least do a backup of all your settings and pedalboards, just in case if Dwarf would stuck in a crash reboot loop, when trying to boot and autoload the pedalboard containing such a giant sf2.

yes, it is limited by the amount of RAM. the upload process is not meant for such big files, the tool we use for it gets the file into RAM first and only afterwards it writes it to disk, it does not do fancy disk-streaming.

sf2 files load entirely on RAM, so I question if you could even load that entire file once on the filesystem (it would take a very long time to do so)

Meanwhile, 500 mb is a really big size for a SF2 file.
I can assume that there are multiple instruments inside, and if so - probably you do not need them all at once.
There are free editors for SF2, like Polyphone. You can try to modify the SF2 package, by removing instruments you are not going to use, and reduce size of the SF2 to something more viable, before uploading.


thanks i’ll try uploading it another way then test if this big file is usable in dwarf and if not i’ll try to make it smaller using the sf2 editor :blush:

One of the first things I did with my Dwarf was uploading a 520MB SF2 file to use the die synth plugin with a full midi keyboard. Works pretty well (RAM usage goes up to 75%)

The file cannot be uploaded using the web ui, but I did upload it using scp (ssh to copy files) and it worked perfectly!!! The keyboard can play full songs on the dwarf, recognizing program changes, volumes, and everything… If the song or the player uses more than 12-15 sounds at the same time (including the sustain) the cpu is not enough and it will sound cracks and pops, but for simple usage it works amazing.


Yes, I finally tested it and it works, I’m using WinSCP for copying (thanks to ignis32). It takes about 12 seconds to load and the RAM will increase to 85%. 12 notes at once is more than enough for me because I use it with my 6 string guitar with a MIDI pickup :slight_smile:


Nice, that’s my main use too (gk13 + axon and fishman triple play here) :wink:

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Yeah I have a fishman tripleplay connect, it’s nice that you can connect directly to the dwarf without additional boxes, MOD it’s my dream multieffect :slight_smile: