Is there differences between MOD Dwarf editions?

Hi all,

I am currently looking at used market to get a Dwarf device and I found several sales for the MOD Dwarf Crowdfunded edition.

My main question is about the output connections: in the official MOD Dwarf description, it’s specified that the output connections can be balanced or unbalanced. But in this wiki page that was written during the Kickstarter campain (Dwarf KickStarter FAQ - MOD Wiki), it was specified that neither the inputs and the outputs were balanced.

So, do the MOD Dwarf devices for the Kickstarter campain (Crowdfunded edition) were built with unbalanced outputs ? Or are they the same hardware as the Dwarf we can currently buy brand new (with balanced or unbalanced output) ?

Thanks a lot for your help and sorry in advance if this question has been already answered.


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Hi Guillaume

There is no electrical difference between the retail and Crowdfunding units. The KS Wiki is outdated.

The Dwarf has balanced outputs and can be connected to both balanced as unbalanced devices.


Okay, I’ve tried to update the wiki page without success … Don’t understand why !?

Here was the modif :


The two inputs are unbalanced.
The two outputs are balanced (symmetrical) and compatible with unbalanced cables.


Thanks for your answer @gianfranco ! It’s pretty clear now.

Yes a Wiki update could be nice to clear the confusion but now we can use this thread as reference if someone else has the same question.