Is there any place we could see the roadmap planned for the device?

Or are there any plans to make it public? Sometimes I need some specific thing that isn’t in the Dwarf at the moment and I don’t know if waiting for its release on the Dwarf of buying something to satisfy it. I was thinking of buying a cab simulator when the IR actualization came out, for example. Now I’m thinking of getting a digital preamp pedal, but with all the discussion about the amp models I don’t know if the team is gonna prioritize and work on them soon and would be a waste of money to buy the preamp pedal. That kind of thing. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey mate!

I have a feeling this is gonna be a difficult question to have answered.

MOD devices is a really small team that is probably overworked.

I know the team is working hard on getting the physical units shipped, and the programmers are nose to the grindstone on bug fixes and firmware updates.

Most of the plugins themselves are created by a handful of developers, mod devices, and community members.

I’m not sure if they actually have a roadmap of plugin releases, but they may have a roadmap of new features or fixes to the platform itself.


Hey, yeah, you’re right. I said the roadmap thing because it’s mentioned in some topics but maybe it isn’t a established thing and more like a mental map. Thank you, anyway! :smiley:

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@jesusperezsv, I think that was talked some time ago here in the forum.
Sharing something like that would be just a bad move for expectations management.
Quite often we need to reprioritize and re-adjust the roadmap for more reasons that would make sense to enumerate.
We are open talking about it here and we do it quite often. But sharing it in a formal state would not help us or the community/users. It would create expectations on your side and more pressure/road blocks on our.


That makes a lot of sense. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Just to clarify here, we definitely do have an Internal Roadmap. Just to give you some confidence so you know that we do have everything nicely structured in that way.

We just don’t have a public roadmap. As Jon said it’s about managing expectations. We would at least have to have a huge disclaimer saying “SUBJECT TO CHANGE” but even still people would be dissapointed to see certain things get pushed back or changed

I think we would all like to have some form of public roadmap soon but we need some more time to work out how we can do that in a way that accomodates for changes and pivots while managing expectations. We’re not ready to dive into that yet


I agree with this, James.

We live in a world of convenience. Right now things aren’t convenient for anyone. In my opinion, it’s smart to have goals set and not share them.

Maybe if things were more predictable on the manufacturing side, it would be an easy thing to share.

You know what you have planned, and I appreciate the fact that you are giving yourself a buffer to react to changing conditions that only you and the team know about; rather than putting yourself at the mercy of us plot armor/high expectation folk.

We want to see these devices in our setup, and we want to use them and promote your hard work. However, I completely recognize that the world has shifted priorities during this time and we should adjust ours to match.

The fact is that human beings need to touch every part of this device from start to finish, and we are living in a world that needs to focus more energy on the people rather than the product they can produce.

So please take your time, keep your cards close to the chest, and deliver on the MOD quality.

At least that is my personal opinion.


sorry to the Mod Team if it seems like I was putting pressure on them cause that wasn’t my intention! I know you guys are a small team and there are a ton of things on your hands right now. Keep the good work as comfortable for you as possible :blush:


Not at all man it’s perfectly okay to ask. As I said, we can see the benefit of doing it. You are also not the first person to ask. I have mapped 4 different tickets in our backlog for requests for different types of public roadmaps. It will likely happen at some point. It’s great to see people interested in what is coming up!


No need to be sorry @jesusperezsv. I don’t think that anyone took it as putting pressure :slight_smile: It’s an healthy conversation to have and I feel that is a good sign to know that our user basis is interested on “what we are cooking”