Is there a sustain pedal type of device?

Hi there - I’m a complete newbie to the world of MOD Dwarf; in fact, after ordering my unit I’m still awaiting delivery, so I haven’t even gotten my hands dirty yet. I was just really eager to learn in the meantime whether MOD offers a plug-in for any kind of sustain pedal type of device? Before ordering the Dwarf, I was also eyeballing a couple of hardware sustain pedals including the Gamechanger Audio PLUS, the EHX Freeze, and even the SuperEgo. But I thought I should hold off on acquiring any of those before finding out whether a plugin might be available for Dwarf that might do something comparable, i.e enable unlimited sustain on individual notes or clusters of notes.

Any info on that greatly appreciated.

Frank Paul (Vancouver, Canada)

Hi Frank Paul,


Stuck is a clone of the EHX Freeze

From their docs:

This is a clone of the electro-harmonix freeze. It drones the note being played when the “Stick It!” port is set to 1 (or the CV port input goes above 1), causing the note to be “stuck”. Once the port falls below 1 the drone is released with a decay set in seconds. The drone is added to the dry signal (so original signal is passed through at all times un-processed). This plugin is pretty useless except in live situations, though I’d love someone to creatively prove me wrong.

There is also the Stuck Stacker

The Stuck Stacker is similar to the Stuck but does not allow dry signal to pass. This characteristic makes the Stuck Stacker even more “sticky” and lets you build sustained chords from a single voice.

Hope that helps. Looking forward to hearing what you create!

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The infamous stuck is OK for this. In my experience, it’s nowhere near as seamless as the EHX freeze.

I would definitely try it out and see if it meets your needs before ordering more gear but if that’s an effect you rely on you might want something purpose built. I have yet to find anything that really compares with the Freeze.

Awesome! I mean, I’m not naive enough to expect any given plugin is going to exactly replicate a h/w device it is modeled after, but then again even just “close” might be good enough, especially if used in interesting ways within an arrangement or improv of some kind. Notwithstanding, I can’t wait to get the Dwarf fired up and give the Stuck Stacker a spin! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Cheers, Frank

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