Is there a simple audiorecorder?

Day4 with dwarf. Every spare minute I have played violin with effects through LP3 and recorded some really nice pieces and then deleted for the next one… I know, there is a save function in LP3, but most simple method of fixing a live performance would be a recorder device at the end of the chain, press save would save the file with a number (there is no clock for date, is there?). So two buttons: Record (& stop record) and autosave to file, hmmm, if it’s auto save one button would be enough ;-).

Is there such a device? Would it be difficult to implement? Would it be easy to get the files from dwarf2USB… ah, so best thing would be a USBstick recorder!!!

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there is a recorder in the beta store, I believe. Looks like 2 tape reels.


As @malfunction54 says, there is one in the beta store. There are 2 versions called Record-Mono and Record-Stereo. Very easy to use as there is only one button to start and stop the recording.

But you can’t choose where you save the files and I don’t think there is a way of using external storage in the Dwarf at the moment, apart from backups. That said, it’s easy to access the files from the file manager in the web GUI. Furthermore, you can use the Audio File plugin to play your recording directly from the Dwarf.