Is there a (public) Mod Duo X development path?

I was wondering if there is a listing somewhere of what features are being worked on, or planned for the Mod Duo X? I totally understand that most companies don’t publish such a thing - as it leads to unreasonable expectations when stuff gets ditched, or just takes a back seat to other priorities.

But if such a roadmap existed, I would be very curious to read it!

Like a lot of people, I do very different types of music, and so my live rig is constantly changing. The Mod Duo X is like the ultimate ‘side dish’ to handle the odds and ends where I don’t want to drag out another hunk of gear.

I’m probably most interested in BPM synced stuff, like loopers you can use in fast music. Also the generators were way better than I had expected. The Fluid percussion although small in scope, is like a greatest hits of sounds I tend to use. I was very surprised by how useful that is to me. If there were a very rudimentary sampler in there, it would just open up the possibilities of leaving something heavier at home. . . :smile:

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I don’t think there is one all in one place. But if you enjoy digging around for clues there are some things that might help point in the right direction in the forum.


Hey @S_Righteous, there’s not (yet at least) a public roadmap.
What @danmh just shared is the most accurate at the moment.

Yet, the MOD team also uses a lot this forum and we are paying attention to your requests.
In reality, it may turn a bit more complex than this, but as a rule of thumb, if there are a lot of users requesting a specific feature, this may gain priority on the roadmap.

All of this to share that you are more than welcome to express your needs here in the forum. We are listening to them :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info jon.

I can already see that this forum is being regularly looked at by the Mod team. It’s great that users are also contributors directly and indirectly. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when there are so many plug-ins to choose from that, pedal boards become that much more unique.

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