Is there a plugin that would read IRs?

Hi !
I was wondering if, with the Mod Duo, there were a way for me to use all the" Red Wire" Impulse Responses I possess ? Thanks !

Also, I remember that in the beginning, effects without graphics were shown as a sardine can. Well, I thought it was cool ! I want some sardine can effects :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be interested in this too - not because I have a load of IRs, but especially for broadening the range of reverbs available in the Duo, IR-based effects would be amazing. :slight_smile:

There are two approaches for that.

One very tacky would be to hardcode some IR into a IR processor - there are some plugins to do that - and publish it as a plugin per se.

The second, which is what we are aiming for, would be a plugin to which you can upload the IR files directly from the GUI. The biggest barrier here is the file handling and management.

This feature is in the roadmap. When we have it not only IRs will be possible, but also sample, loops and etc.


Wow, that’s great !
The feeling I have with the mod duo is that it can really become what we need it to be. You guys made a wonderful work already. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Agreed, it does not seem to be a clean approach to hardcode IR into a processor. OTOH, some plugins might offer specific settings and that would mean that these settings had to be outsourced to some other plugin. Specifically, I have Flo’s IR collection/summary ( ) in mind. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have these settings in one place? (Sounds like a rhetoric question … but it isn’t.)

I am confused @eggsperde

Flo’s plugins have a collection of IRs hardcoded, don’t they?

When I mean an IR processor that requires file access, I mean something like the ir.lv2 or convo.lv2 , where you browse your files and load one into the plugin.

Btw, have you tried Flo’s ? I’ve got curious.


Yes, that’s what they are … a collection of impulse responses, with some interface around them. The options represent (if I understand correctly) just individual IR files. I am just afraid that there would be lots of scrolling if the user had to select a file from a list.

The Red Wire IRs @Jumi refered to are marketed as:

  • Cabs sampled with 14 industry-standard microphones, each with their own special sound
  • Up to 8 mic positions to dial in the right tone for your amp
  • 9 different mic distances for different amounts of proximity effect, cabinet and room sound
  • Minimum of 550 IRs per cabinet so you’ll find the perfect match for your sound

How many files would that be to select? (Assumption on my part: one file contains exactly one IR. )

One file contains one IR, exactly :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the clarification @eggsperde

have you ever used these Flo’s plugins?

Are they good?

I know they’re brand new (just announced a few weeks ago), and I have used the redwire IRs and they’re really great. I’m excited about the flo plugins because they are basically just an IR manager for these extensive sets of IRs. In theory I think they would be GREAT on MOD. And really, I don’t see how they could mess it up since its really the IRs making the sounds. I’ll have to give them a whirl. I’ll post back here if I get a chance to demo them soon.

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I have not used them much, but toyed around with them. Florian did not make them… he used freely available IRs and built and interface around them. But yes, I like them quite a lot! There are just soooo many combinations to try out… which is why the interface is handy.

Want to give them a listen, too? Install audacity, $mkdir /usr/bin/plug-ins/ , extract the downloaded file there, enable in the audacious menu. I was surprised how easy it was.

Any updates on this…?

There is some choice regarding IR-based reverbs, but we need to support file management on the units first.
With the Duo X being able to used as composite usb device, this opens the door for it.
Something to expect next year :slight_smile:

I understand mod duo need file management for the upload but… is there any chance to have an IR emulator and upload the files through SCP?

Newbie here, I have a question regarding this. When switching from one patch/pedalboard to another, can I get spillover to the next patch? How long is the latency when changing from one patch/pedalboard to the next?

We cut the audio when switching pedalboards, as a way to make them load faster (there is no need to keep doing processing while removing plugins, if everything is about to be removed and replaced with a new set).
The “latency” (better worded as load time) will depend on the plugins you use in each pedalboard. For example, if you use one of the Fluid plugins (they are soundfonts in plugin format), it will take longer to load compared to mda synths because the Fluid stuff has to load the entire soundfont from disk.

We introduced “pedalboard snapshots” (previously labelled as pedalboard presets) as a way to allow gapless, much faster changes, of the pedalboard sound.


this might not be too user friendly, but personally I’ve been using a framework created by @Jarno to load my custom IR’s, it requires you to compile the impulses into the plugin (I do this with audacity’s sample data export for instance and paste them in the IRdata.h file)

Again with file handling in place, this will be made way easier, just wanted to mention it ain’t impossible at the moment if you want to put a bit of effort into it :wink:


yesss! this is what I was looking for! … compile… easy thing, I can do that :slight_smile:

just one thing… is there any guide on how to install a lv2 plugin like this by manually?

Thanks for the info. That certainly made my day.

One easy way to deploy plugins to your device is using the MOD SDK:

Here is how to install it:

Here is how to build and deploy: