Is the third footswitch on the MOD Dwarf supposed to be hard click?

Hi, so got my kickstarter MOD Dwarf around Christmas, but I’ve been wondering if the C footswitch (rightmost) is supposed to be different to the other ones? The one I have is with a noticeable click where the others are soft press…

I guess there could be some kind of momentary / latching related differences, but to my understanding the Dwarf has only software bypass etc, so couldn’t / shouldn’t these states be handled in software instead?

Can I switch it to a softer press? Just by virtue of being different it seems that it would limit what one might use the switch for…

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Hi @bodhi
No, the three switches should have the same non-clicking behavior. You should enter in contact with the support…

Mine sometimes takes two or three presses before it will work.

Hey @bodhi, the behavior is the same.
Most likely something got somehow “different” (hopefully not broken) on that particular footswitch.
If it still works I would say that it should be fine (if that doesn’t bug you too much). If by any chance it stops working, please reach out

I guess technically it might be functional, as in work like a switch, but the feel is basically like a latching analog pedal kind of 3pdt. I’m going to switch it out, but the ones I have in my stash look a bit different if I remember correctly.

If you could confirm the part number I’d be fine with that.

I would assume that you know how to solder the cables on the switch side.
Due to the supply chain issues not all the MOD Dwarf use exactly the same footswitch. Could you please DM a photo so we identify it?

Sorry for the late reply. I found a replacement that’s visually close enough in my stash. The throw is a bit shorter but I guess it’s close enough not to matter.