Is it possible to redirect MPD output to USB Audio Gadget?


I use MOD Dwarf on Manjaro Linux with pipewire.
When I enable USB Audio Gadget by following Audio Through USB - MOD Wiki , I can see Multifunction Composite Gadget Analog Stereo Playbacks, which means MOD Dwarf’s speakers? on Qpwgraph.

I tried to redirect MPD audio output on Manjaro Linux to monitor speakers connected to MOD Dwarf on Qpwgraph, but no sound.

Is it possible to get sound from MOD Dwarf’s speakers from Manjaro’s MPD?
If it’s possible, I can remove my Audio Interface from my setup.

Thanks in advance.

It is “possible”, but I don’t remember what the current state for enabling the usb gadget. of course your MPD (Music Player Daemon, only Linux geeks know) will need its config setup to allow for default routing and such. but should be possible.

In the current/latest version of usb-gadget you get 2 stereo inputs and 2 stereo outputs. both “pre” MOD effects chain and “post”. so you can capture a clean guitar + version coming from the pedalboard. or send into a pedalboard from the DAW or straight to the outputs.

there are still some details that need to be worked out of course, but last time I played with it it worked well.

Thank you for your super fast reply.

I can get the sound from MPD with following setup.

Thank you.

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