IR loader Cabsim Distorted sound after plugin update

Hellow all…

I´m wondering if anyone else have this issue with the IR loader Cabsim.
Today I decided to update all my plugins and now the previously fine IR´s are now unusable.
I deleted the IR´s on the file manager and re-uploaded and this made no difference.
Also the load on the CPU is much harder. To the point that I needed to strip down the pedalboard in question.

I´m on the MOD DUO. (waiting my 3rd Tier DWARF :frowning: )



Most likely this was caused by the IR Loader update.
We are checking if it’s worth leaving some options that allow us to push down the CPU load (by reducing quality, etc.)

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faIR Modern Rock plugin has The same problem.

For now I’m ditching IR Loader and faIR from my pedalboards.

In time I Will check If other Cab Sim plugins are also afected.

I believe that a fix for that should come pretty soon.


Nice Tks!

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I´ve updated the IR Loader Cabsim to the latest 1.0-19. and the sound problem seems to be solved but the load on the CPU is still very high, so the pedalboard in question is no longer viable.

Is it feasible to lower the CPU usage while maintaining the sound quality for these type of plug-ins?

It looks like my DUO MOD will be obsolete before I can get my hands on my Dwarf and how long will Dwarf be up to the task in face of these CPU-hungry plugins?


Most likely it needs to be a trade-off between quality and CPU usage.
The only solution for that may be a switch that selects between better quality and lower CPU. Basically the old and the new version.
The Dwarf handles this fine. The Duo has admittedly some more trouble.

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