IR Classical guitar/Piezo

Hi! Any recommendations for finding free IR’s for classical guitar?


You may checkout here:


Thanks! I was actually aware of that one and wondering if there are other collections, as I couldn’t find one specifically from/for a classical guitar.

worship have some packages, on is for free:


Until now I did not succeed in satisfactory results with IR for classical guitar. The best solution for me was to use a Match EQ to compare the simultaneous recordings of the acoustic sound and the internal mics (K&K Pure Classic + mini crown mic → 2 channels preamp). And then to imitate the EQ curve with the x42-EQ-Parametric. If you want to try, here is a simple pedalboard with the x42-Parametric assigned to the Dwarf knobs and switches :

On the match EQs side, the Fab Filter Q2 or Q3 are excellent.
With Reaper, the JSFX Spectrum Matcher also works perfectly and it’s free…

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