iOS interface?

I’ve looked around and haven’t found an answer so I thought I’d post a new topic.

Has Mod Duo to iOS interaction using a browser (likely Chrome) been tested? I just got a lightning port to USB adapter and was wondering if I could make modifications on the fly while at a gig. I don’t need an app per se, but just want to interface with it like I would using Chrome on a PC.


the only part I think that may not work is if iOS doesn’t support class compliant usb ethernet ports. It might work out of the box, or it might take some configuring, or it might just not be supported at all by apple. The mod won’t need any changing.

I don’t own any iOS devices so I have no idea. If you have the stuff to try it, just give it a whirl. And please let us all know :slight_smile:

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So I was able to connect my iPad and iPhone to the Mod Duo using a USB cable to a lightning port adapter and it worked great! I just used Chrome and logged into the Mod Duo’s address and the interface was completely workable. I even updated the Mod Duo’s firmware to the latest version using my iPad! Pretty impressive.

The only issues I had was that the bottom menu was too big and didn’t size well on my iPhone, but it was totally fine on my iPad (then again, everything was too small on my phone). Secondly, the knobs were a little hard to adjust, so I have to figure out the best way to do that.

I would say that if anyone was going to use IOS with their Mod Duo, then I would suggest using at least an iPad Mini or a mid-sized tablet.


Great! Thanks for the report.

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I’ve just tried this as well and it works on iPad - my issue is having loaded it once it’s now refusing to reconnect to the MOD sever…

Did you manage to solve this?
Do you mean that the WebGUI was not loading on your iPad? Did it ever connect? If yes, did you update your iOS in the meantime?

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