Introducing Portal

Hey thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:
When you say

Such as delay or reverb ?

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Exactly. I put an example above.


Perfect !
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But if you don’t have a direct connection bypassing the portal - for example as it is in the board of @Carlos_Galvez - then the added latency will also affect the plugins that are before the portal, right?


You’re right. If the signal that goes through the Portal has no parallel direct path to the output, it will be affected by extra latency. If it has a parallel path, the same signal is sent to 2 places :

  • the direct path : no extra latency.
  • the Portal path : extra latency.

If you want to keep a very low latency, this parallel kind of use is interesting but it’s limited by 2 factors regarding the plugins that come after the Portal :

  • the fact that latency is not important for them (eg : reverb, delay).
  • their ability to achieve the desired tone when mixed in parallel (it’s OK for a reverb or a delay but would be weird for a distortion and inefficient for tremolo).
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To be honest, We play a genre of music that is quite fast and I haven’t noticed the latency (and I don’t even use a parallel non-portal signal)


This quick explanation should be added to the plugin description


How to instal this plugin? I cannot find it on plugin store. Can you help me please?

The plugins are still beta. You must enable the display of beta plugins in the store to be able to see them.


Advanced Settings

Installing new plugins