Input clipping issue (passive bass guitar)

Hi all, I think I need a bit of help/advice on how to properly setup the input stage for bass guitar.
My problem is any bass I plug in the Mod, active or passive, sounds terrible. Note attacks audibly clip even if the input LED does not light red. I mean this is audible when it goes yellow, but when it lights red the sound gets completely destroyed. The lower pitched the note is, the lesser dynamic amplitude I have before it get noticeable.
I use an empty pedal board, input levels both at 0%, and whatever output level I try I can hear this attack “farts”, only difference is the noise floor going up if I try to lower the output level. And I can’t reach the level I get when using the Bypass function. I need to play overly softly to keep the LED in the green, and obviously it just sounds like I’m playing overly softly which is not what I’m aiming at. Plus, keeping an eye on the LED… can’t happen on stage.

Also when plugging the bass to my mixer and send the signal to the Mod via an Aux channel I can send a lower level signal to the Mod, but then just like when I play soft I end up with a so low signal coming from the mod that the background noise (a high pitched digital-like sound) is just way too noticeable. And anyway I won’t have this kind of hardware on stage.

Now I’m out if ideas but maybe someone found a way around :slight_smile:

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It will be fantastic to have in the wiki some advice for Bass players about how to set mod dwarf to work with bass.