Infamous Plugins in Unstable

falktx just merged my latest changes which adds the “send midi when activated” feature to mindi, and also adds a new effect: the infamous bent delay.

Its a simple delay with just delay time and feedback and also a “bend” control that causes more or less aliasing. It can make bright, gritty slapback delay sounds, or even warm washed textures. Hopefully some of you may find it fun to play with.

This makes the list now:
*the infamous e-wham - a monophonic whammy
*the infamous stuck - a light sound retainer
*the infamous stuck stacker - a version of stuck that doesn’t pass the dry signal (for times when you want to use several to build a chord or process wet and dry differently)
*the infamous powercut - a versitile yet simple tape stop
*the infamous hip2b - a gnarly square wave fuzz/destroyer
*the infamous mindi - a mini midi message maker
*the infamous bent delay - a circuit-bent delay

I would love any feedback you have on these. I’d like some more testers on them before I request they move to stable. I have several other plugins that I will eventually move to MOD too, but perhaps I should wrap these up first.

Thanks all for being a cool community.



I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Powercut.

I can’t wait for the momentary function to come available with the footswitches. Plugins like Stuck and Powercut will benefit greatly from it.

Is it possible to do a reverse Powercut?.. Sound like the tape is starting up.
If possible… I would recommend four functions on a plugin that does tape stop and start. 1.Tape Stop only. 2. Tape start only. 3. Tape stop and start. 4. Tape Start and Stop.
When momentary comes available the first two can do it’s thing then instantly go to normal when released. For 3 and 4 it would operate the first part when pressed then the second part when released.
That would be sooo cool!

Love your plugins!

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the infamous powerup already exists, but it adds a lot of latency. I don’t know if I’ll ever port it to mod simply because it doesn’t really work for a live thing. I might see if I can get it useable, but a pure tape start will always require some latency. The only way around it would be if it actually goes to faster than normal playback speed to catch up to real-time. @Skydiver do you think that would still be good to play with?


any kind of time anomaly is always good to play with. :wink:

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I see myself using something like this in the middle of a song. I would be playing and it would slow down like tape. Then come back in with the tape winding back up.

I do think that there would be some adapting necessary for the player.
I see the power up as something that will do the windup thing then just switch to the direct signal. I think this would mean that it will only sound realistic with a steady note/chord. I guess a pitch shifting may be the easier way to achieve this effect… not a true speed up function.

BUT… it would be a neat effect if the powerup speeds up past the normal speed to catch up and slows down to normal speed to match the input signal. That may be a complicated algorithm to figure the ramp up, speed up past the normal speed and slow back down to match before going into bypass… But it would be cool… :sunglasses:

I think it would be a very unique plugin… but it would be a very niche thing… I can’t say if it would be worth your time but I will sure have a lot of fun with it… :grin:

no more complicated than figuring out how to do it with a user selected exponential or logarithmic curvature was… :wink:

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I’m very much looking forward to trying these out once they make it to stable :slight_smile: