Infamous - Mindi [Update]

The infamous mindi has recieved an update with a modgui and some new features to help users out. There is already a version in the unstable category, but this update should make it ready to move to stable. Please merge the pull request at


The UI looks really good, will fit perfect into the existing MIDI plugs on the MOD,
I corroborate the pull request.


Possible bug in mindi: I am using mindi to send program changes to my midi foorswitch (Soleman) when a new pedalboard is loaded. These all work as expected with one exception: sending program change number 0. A value of 0 does work as expected when toggling mindi on and off but not when loading the pedalboard. Can @ssj71 confirm?

I cannot easily confirm in the near future, but revisiting the code I can see no special cases around the 0 program change value. I suspect what’s happening is that mindi sends the value when a knob changes and 0 is the default so the knob doesn’t change and no midi message is generated. There is the “message repeat delay” value that will resend the current settings after the plugin is loaded. Set that to the max and see if that makes it work (it will take 2 seconds extra). If it resolves it then reduce that delay as much as you can before it’s too short and doesn’t work.