Increaser/Decreaser buttons

y’all should make a plugin that makes it so holding a button down increases the value of a CV or CC output port, and another button decreases. This would enable fine tuning parameters without taking your hands off your guitar. A “speed” knob would also be nice since some parameters you might want to slide up/down quickly and others you may want to slide slowly.


Sorry what does this have to do with plugins?

Sounds to me you mean some specific changes to the HMI and not an audio/midi plugin.

It could be a CV plugin

Yeah it could be a plug-in or a change to the platform. I suppose a change to the platform would be more convenient for users but I’ll take what I can get

Can’t you use a expression pedal? That’s exactly what it is made for.
That’s just a question.

The Multi Button to CV plugin has a long press feature with a configurable hold time. This doesn’t fit your need but this means the system is already able to calculate the time a button is pressed down.

There may be something to dig with the existing CV plugins. One of them has to be set to Momentary On. And I think you could use Slew Rate Limiter. These are just ideas that cross my brain, nothing precise.

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This can already be accomplished using CV plugins, as we did for the filter in the Guitar Synths.

All boards in the collection use a footswitch to open and another to close the filter: Synth Pedalboards - MOD Audio website

@jesse makes an explanation about how to implement this in this video: Guitar Synths - Pedalboard Breakdown - YouTube

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:exploding_head: Thanks @gianfranco !

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I still maintain that a dedicated plugin would be easier but I know y’all probably have enough on your plate so I’m more than happy with this!

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@Julien An expression pedal would work OK (actually just bought a line 6 FBV express to play around with) but it’s one more thing to fit in my guitar case and hook up, and it’s arguably less precise for what I want

That’s what I thought.

@gianfranco it looks like what I want actually might not be possible. If the slew rate limiter could be made to stop slew completely it could work, but right now it can’t completely stop the signal at one spot, so you can’t use the buttons to slide up and down and find the perfect spot and stop there


In this adjustment you are thinking, do you have discrete points where you want to go for each button press?

No, I was hoping for something continuous. Long story short, I think for what I’m doing picking discrete points would add a lot of difficulty.

Re: “make a plugin that makes it so holding a button down increases the value of a CV or CC output port, and another button decreases”

I like this idea, but I have a twist to decrease the value, double-tap then hold the same button as increase. If possible.

I’d be afraid I’d be standing there trying to creep the value up slowly by giving it little taps and then accidentally make it go down. The beauty of having three buttons on the dwarf is you can use the two for up/down and the third to switch to controlling something else.

What’s your use case? Just curious.