Incorrect parameter minimum in CV Logic Operators plugin


In the MOD CV Logic Operators plugin, the lower bound for the Switch point parameter is -10V, but is marked as 0V in the GUI.

How to reproduce

  1. Load the plugin and compare the numbers :slightly_smiling_face:

Expected/suggested solution

The plugin description lists the minimum for both inputs as being zero, so allowing the switchpoint to be set lower than zero seems redundant. I would expect the switchpoint minimum to be changed to 0.

Alternatively, if the switchpoint should go down to -10, the minimums for the CV input should also be -10 and the plugin GUI should be updated.


Additional information

Plugin version: 2.0-3


More than a bug, I believe you found a typo! I’m reporting it to the developers.
Thank you a lot

You’re welcome Jon!

There seems to be a similar issue with the CV Gate plugin: GUI and parameter minimum values don’t match for OpeningThreshold


Reported as well :wink: Thanks