Impossible to work with bluetooth with android

Hello, when I plug my bluetooth dongle in my mod duo, I am able to pair the mod with my android tablet (tested with my phone too), but when I open my navigator (tested with chrome and firefox), there’s nothing, unavailable web site.

This is the second bluetooth adaptator I buy (the first isn’t working at all) this is it :

For this kind of reasons I think it would be a good idea to include bluetooth directly in the next mod duo hardware.

the tested IP is as it’s noted in the manual.

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I think on android you need to disable wifi and mobile data so that it uses bluetooth for network.
I couldn’t make it work any other way.

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@houston4444 I have the same issue here…with av4 bluetooth dongle. Well recognized by modduo, well paired with my android but unable to reach http://moddudo.local or (and not …50… :wink: ).

@falkTX it doesn’t work even when wifi and data are disabled…even if the android that “internet” can be reached by the mod duo bluetooth :-/

@tourneriff as noted in the wiki you have to use address


@acunha oooh ok, thanks a lot :slight_smile: !!