Impossible to install any online pedalboard from the gallery on DUO X

Chrome - OSX Catalina - Mod Duo X latest release (1.10.4)

My DUO X is definitely connected… I can build a pedalboard from the computer


When i browse some pedalboard from the users gallery and click on “try now” I systematically get an error message ( Installation failed! Please make sure your MOD Duo is connected so you can access the UI from this same browser. Also you must be running the latest release.)

It used to be ok in the past !!!

Yes it did, browsers changed and old behaviour is not acceptable anymore.
From what we could find out, it seems related to triggering an action from an outside source. Currently broken under Chrome, but still works in Firefox.

There are a couple of things we will try to do in order to circumvent the new browser restrictions, will likely need a software update (1.10.5 or future 1.11.x)


I get the same thing with the Duo using chrome. “Cannot load remote pedalboards, authentication failure” worked fine a few months ago

Hi Adam.
“Authentication failure” is something else entirely, I ask you to contact for that, providing details about your unit and the PC you use it with.
If authentication fails with the cloud, you won’t get OS or plugin updates which are crucial to the longevity of the device.


Thanks for the information im in conversation with support


I can confirm this still works in Firefox. No go with Chrome however. (MacOS 11, latest browser versions.)

Welcome to the forum, @gnapier.

I can also confirm that MOD + Chrome is a failure waiting to happen. I can only connect on half of my attempts and could not share a pedalboard, much less download one.

Firefox with either USB or Bluetooth works just perfect.

Mac OS 10.5, Firm 1.10.4, Firefox 94.0.2.


Thank you for your reports @QuestionMarc and @gnapier.
Indeed, one of the last Chrome updates seems to have messed up some stuff with the device connection. The dev team is investigating and trying to get it fixed.

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