I'm stoked

I was working on my first ‘real’ pedalboard tonight, a ‘songwriting sketchbook’ of sorts. I was connecting different bits and assigning knobs, etc.

I don’t do anything fancy - I’m not a ‘sonic spelunker’ - I just enjoy writing traditional rock/pop songs and making music with my guitar, vocals, and preset synth patches. That is to say: No individual component of what I’m doing is special or innovative.

That said, I zoomed out to the full view of the board, and was honestly astonished at what I saw. You can see a screenshot below.

I have multi-part sequencing into a great sounding drum sampler, a separate reverb bus so everything runs into a single reverb plugin (with individual wet level control), simultaneous gain increase/volume reduction on the amp so one knob can sanely adjust amp distortion…

This is the same level of stuff I was doing in my DAW before I got this. And I can use it live.

I don’t believe this level of customization is available in any other device of it’s size/price. Certainly not the options I was considering.

I am completely stoked about it, and thought I’d share.


Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and nice words :slight_smile:
It would be super cool if you could share this pedalboard on the pedalboard feed together with a sound sample :slight_smile: even better if you could add a simple video using it :wink: