I'm still loosing you

That could be the title of the song of scorpion … about Mod Footswitch… :guitar:

I was hoping the last release would solved this issue but it didn’t.
I have 2 Mod footswitch connected to my Mod Duo X, the third one is doomed to stay in its box, and I’m still loosing one time to time, and of course it happens always when I’m saving a pedalboard edit and the result is that it loose all footswitch assign.
So I’m constrained to use only one Mod footswitch?

Would it at least be possible to keep footswitch assignation if Modfootswitch is disconnected?
Faling to have 2 Mod footswitch working, I will save me time…

When will it be possible to have more than one footswitch connected to a Mod Duo X?

I’m feeling more and more permanent beta tester with this device and I want to do something else than get around issues…
Mod Footswitch not working, no bluetooth, no decent looper without click at the start of the loop, digital crackle in my sound I never had before, one input broken…the list is growing.
In addition the big Helix guitar processor catche my eye.
I’m still nearly happy with this device but I think it won’t last. That would be sad because I love the Mod Devices universe…
Maybe a complete setup with Mod Duo X and 3 Mod Footswitch will be for sale in few weeks if nothing change. :disappointed_relieved:


I completely understand how you feel. Although I am not quite to the point where you are. I love the sounds I’m getting with the Dwarf but am really disappointed in the most basic aspects of the WebGUI and the lack of an expression pedal input. It has quite possibly one of the most scatterbrained arrangement of tools that makes them difficult to find even if they do exist.

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I completely empathize with this statement.

For expression pedal you have solutions, if you speak of the od Dwarf. There are midi expression pedal, they are not cheap but you can for exemple use a behringer FCB1010 wich have 2 expression pedal.

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This is exactly my point and the FCB1010 is HUGE! I have a tiny studio.

is this one too expensive for you? that’s the less expensive I found.

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I’m eyeing that one. Seems like an elegant solution if the Dwarf can power it via USB.

Or you have expression pedal to midi converter. not cheap but you can keep your expression pedal if you already have one.

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As I stated in a previous post, those devices require Midi Phantom Power and I’m 99% sure that the Dwarf does not provide it. It won’t work at all.

This may be a bit uncharitable, but I can’t help but agree with the general sentiment. On the surface, MOD looked great but the more I used the Dwarf the more I found myself using the word “janky”. I don’t know enough to make a diagnosis, but I feel like the combination of a commercial product, with a niche open-source standard, didn’t work out that well. The incentives and responsibilities are kinda all over the place.

It’s been years since Duo hit the market and I was hoping that Dwarf would be a considerably more mature product. Instead, I found a product marketed to guitar players without proper IR support, and a weird, eclectic (and occasionally “janky”) set of plugins with zero documentation. It kinda pains me to write all this because the MOD team seems great, and I know that realizing their vision required an unbelievable amount of effort, but they are clearly stretched too thin. Even if I disregard my topic about improving the MOD experience for guitar players, I’ve learned in my research inspired by it, that there’s a far more mature version of Guitarix available for Linux than what is available on Dwarf. This, in turn, made me question the point of owning a Dwarf, because not utilizing to the fullest what LV2 has to offer, in light of how niche it is, and how scarce good LV2 plugins are, seems like a pretty big sin.

Suffice it to say, I’m very grateful for Thomann’s generous 30-day refund policy, and I kinda feel like I dodged a bullet, which I can’t remember thinking about any other piece of music software or gear.


@Matt Agreed. Not to further trash Mod Devices but I agree with all of your points. I think that perhaps the open source community, of which I have a feeling there are a good number of them here, are far more tolerant, nay, comfortable with the “janky” nature of the the Dwarf. They are used to it. It’s sort of part of the prevailing state of the club - that they’re always working within a “Work In Progress” state. I know. It’s easy for us to say this. We’re not the ones working behind the scenes. But I can’t help but feel like some priorities were a little skewed. They must have spent a lot of time on the graphical representations of the pedalboards (Presets, I call them) when more time should have been spent in streamlining the UI. I’m told that there are just some things that are not so easy to do with a WebGUI. Ok, but like you, I feel like they are stretched too thin. So why did they spend so much time on the graphics?

In Mod device’s defense, I do have to say that there are a couple of amp models in the Dwarf that are easily the best I’ve used for that edge of breakup sound that I love. Not even my much loved Helix does it as well as the Dwarf. It can. But it took a lot more work to make it happen on the Helix than it did the Dwarf. Now they just need a 90 percent clean amp model like the Twin that just barely breaks up… but does. The Dwarf has also shown me that there are some more adventurous sounds that can be created on it. This has kept my interest. So, at least there are some sonic rewards within the Dwarf that have convinced me to keep it. If it weren’t for these two things, the effort and frustration with its UI would have definitely had me putting it on Reverb or eBay by now.

To Mod Devices, there are a lot of users out there who have gotten used to the polish, stability and usability of things like the Kemper, Boss, Fractal, Helix and even the NuX MG-30. The latter tempts me to buy it on a daily basis and it’s $100 less than the Dwarf. To appeal to those users the UI needs to be a lot better and more intuitive. Unless you’re only interested in those who have a Linux user mindset, somebody over there needs to read Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” book on web usability. We want to play our instruments and not have to tinker around or have to go to forums trying to figure out how to make the Dwarf do the things we want/need it to. There are too many things in the UI that should be easier than they are. That said, I also understand that Steve Jobs was right when he said that, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Making complicated things like computers easy to use, is really, really hard.”

Maybe I was harsh on Mod Team. I understand they have done a great job with their devices and make it pretty unique.
I criticized the fact that they left a little the Mod Duo X and Mod Footswitch for the Mod Dwarf.
In their selling point concerning Mod Footswitch that can be cascaded. In fact it doesn’t work. On this side I’m really a beta tester and bought 3 Mod Footswitch to hear that actually it doesn’t work. And I saw there’re no more Mod Foorswitch on their website, which makes me fear that they drop the Mod Footswitch.
In addition I can’t edit pedalboard thru bluetooth on my android tablet, there’s a issue with the Mod Duo X. I can’t use more than one Mod Footswitch, so I have only 4 footswitch for complex pedalboard.
It forces me to use the computer with the Mod Duo X and that’s exacly what I didnt want.
I bought Mod Duo X after testing a Mod Duo. It had bluetooth working and I could use my tablet to edit pedalboard on the go, that was the sine qua none condition to go for a Mod Duo X.
But I will be little more patient and wait for update because I’m eager to try the looperlative plugin that will be release for Mod Duo X after Dwarf release.
This looper will determine if I keep my Mod Duo X or not.
I hope looperlative plugin won’t have click at each looper start like soperlooper does.
Actually I keep my Mod Duo X because I can make sounds I know I can’t have with other multieffect and because it’s very versatile.
But the wheel turn and more and more manufacturers are offering new devices and effect pedal that could fit to what I like.
Wait and see…

YES !!! Want this too !
(well, I’m using midi now instead of getting a descent arduino-shield working… the Dwarf keeps the midi assignations !!!)


I didn’t know it keeps midi assignation. That’s good to know.
I think I’m going to sell the Mod Footswitch and bought a good mdi footswtich. Morningstar products seem to be perfect for that.
But it’s a pity that they didn’t manage to do more reliable footswitches.
They brings good features that was promising.

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Yep, I got a morningstar MC8, very easy to program, a small community and the boss (called James too) respond quickly on the forum… but not cheap though (I had about 80€ in taxes when it arrives in France !)


Yes but finally if I ad 3 Mod Footswitch prices I can buy a MC8!

Well, that’s concerning. And I don’t think you were being harsh. Sometimes the truth is harsh.

Midi data is carried through a 3.3V line that powers through units such as the MidiSolutions Pedal Controller.

Midi Phantom power employs a 7-pin connector. Axe Fractal and Kemper offer that solution, among few others. Most times you need a 5 to 7-pin Y cable that has a connector for a DC source. The original MIDI phantom power using 7 to 7 pin cables has been gone since 2002.

USB bus power is not related to Midi Phantom Power at all.

To inquire about the current supplied by Dwarf’s SUB port, please contact support:


The wiki page states a max current of 500mA, so you’ll need to check the requirements from the pedal you intent to purchase.

Regarding the Beatbars unit suggested by @Julien, its page states the power consumption @ 40mA / 5V, so the Dwarf’s port should do it.


And since it outputs data through either USB or DIN midi, it should work with your Dwarf.


It does !!!
No problem powering a morningstar MC8 with the Dwarf’ USB A.
The CME widi jack is also power by the Dwarf via the mini-midi jacks.

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Hopefully I haven’t bought more MOD Footswitchess, since I’ve planned to do that. It would be really frustrating to assign them every time I would use my MODX. I am sure MOD team will fix it, and it would be nice if they could do it fast. I decided to get Cuvave Chocolate, it has no LCD as MODF (this is the main point to get it since it is really helpfull if you know what footswitches do) but it has also 4 footswitches and exp input which is great. The best thing is its price, something like 25 euro including shiiping. It works really good with MOD, so at this point I can use 2 exp pedals and assign 8 buttons. To be hoonest I ve ordered two more chocoalte to have 12 footswitches and 3 exp pedals inputs, which will probably fit all my needs. I got also midi hub, since I plan to connect to mod Crumar Mojopedal (it can be conectted also by USB), 2 x Chocolate, Sonuus Wahoo and Volume, plus Korg SQ1 - we will se if it works or not. Offcourse I got USB hub with external power supply to be able supply with current all those devices, I am really curious if it works…