Idea : assign more stuff on footswitchs

The goal is to be able to assign every pedal footswichs to the only 2 footswitchs of the duo, the same way you can already assign every parameter to the knob. With this we’ll be able to assign all the pedalboard to the Mod Duo built-in buttons.

click right/left knob -> change right/left parameter

double click right/left knob -> change right/left footswitch


If you don’t like double click you can instead set something like :
-click on knob while pressing a footswitch
-an entry in the menu to switch in footswitch mode where the click on a right/left knob will switch the right/left footswich

Hello @Fish!

I´m not quite sure if I understand what You proposed but IMO the navigation on the MOD DUO is very intuitive.

I Think that the less clicks and presses the better but I might not understood your proposition.:thinking:


Good idea :slight_smile: I rather be pleased with long clicks than double to navigate on the virtual footswitch you proposed…

some plugins have behavior that an effect applies as long as you hold the button, as well as double press stuff, so I think this would clash with those plugins. I like the idea of being able to control a whole pedalboard, but I think practically I really don’t want to be tap dancing for 30 seconds just to toggle that overdrive…

Is this possible? I thought there wasn’t currently a way for plugins to respond while a pedal is pressed, and is a requested feature: Define Footswitch as hold button

The plugin must specifically be written to manage it this way. I hadn’t thought of using the required feature of lv2 this way, but the loopor plugin (and possibly others) did and it works fine. IMHO it’s better if the MOD implemented this capability instead so that plugins work consistently (e.g. not 1 plugin long press == 3 sec, another long press == 1 sec etc). But AFAIK there’s been no comment from the MOD team about it. I’m reluctant to go rewrite all my plugins to add that ability one by one.