I would love to have a Darkglass plugin

I really wish I could get the sound like the Darkglass pedal.
Not sure how I can achieve it with the current plugins. Any suggestions?

They do make a plugin… so I wonder if it can be adapted for the Duo…

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which Darkglass pedal? the VMT can be emulated pretty well with the Tube Screamer and a cabinet sim… But yes, Darkglass emulations in the MOD would be lovely :slight_smile:


I’ve been digging the Alpha Omega sound.

Which one is the VMT?

VMT = ‘Vintage MicroTubes’ - brilliant tube emulation pedal. I’ve got the original one, but they’ve done an updated version with EQ etc… It’s really lovely, but I can get pretty damn close (and way more versatile) with the combination above :slight_smile:


Hey, I would also like to try that! Would you care to share a pedalboard, or a screenshot with your settings?


sure, I’ll do a refined version (and compare it to the actual pedal to get as close as I can :slight_smile: ) and post it later in the week…


Is there an update on this topic? I own a zoom b3n and i like it so far, but i might sell it one day in order to buy a mod duo.
Has anyone tried to create a modern crunchy Bass Sound? Think of Bands like Tool or Breaking Benjamin…

I always use an exciter, conpressor, Bass-pre (sansamp or darkglass) and amp/cab-simulation in the b3n’s effect chain.

as soon as I get my Mod Duo X I’ll be trying to do exactly that @bobbyturban

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I’ve definately done it. There are so many distortion pedals to choose from. You can stack and blend however you want.

In my current goto pedalboard for bass I am blending a low passed signal with a distorted amp type sound. They merge into the GX Cab Simulator.
On the distorted signal I’m using the x42 Organ Overdrive with an EQ after it notching out a 3Khz nasty buzz. I keep experimenting with different distortions but at the moment I feel like there is magic in the x42 Organ Overdrive. I use it for guitar sounds too.
The Low Passed side I have the LPF set to around 300hz and a gain plugin after it so I can adjust the amount of low end I want to blend. It really gives the body that is taken away with distortions.

I’ve had to change my thinking from wanting a Darkglass plugin (althought that would be really cool) to how do I take components and achieve the tone I want.


@Skydiver and @rapscallion
Thank you for your quick answers.

Would you mind to share a sound demo of your paddleboard?
How is your latency?

this is my pedalboard for a distorted bass sound https://pedalboards.moddevices.com//pedalboards/5b3894432564d4302f0b0f40

It uses a signal through an SVT amp simulation for the fundamentals and a octave pitch shifted signal through a guitar simulation.
I am sorry that the recording is so quiet - but when I’ve recorded it I couldn’t listen to it any louder in this room

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I will get a sound demo done soon. Unfortunately, the battery went out on my ax and my other 9V batteries are expired and dead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I haven’t had any issues with latency. I use 256 frames and don’t notice it but I primarily play long notes and need the extra processing for all the other stuff I am effecting…

Here is my attempt to a Darkglass style bass distortion sound.

I just added a DS1 plugin on the top side of my effects chain and blend in the LPF bass.

I kept the floaty on there because I think it adds a little something…
I have a mute assigned to Footswitch1 and the DS1 on/off programmed to Footswitch2.