I would like to understand what mod-live-usb can do

I’m new here :slight_smile:

I’ve tested mod-live-usb in three ways until now.

  1. I’ve created a bootable usb stick and put that into my main PC. This was quite successful, as I could easily boot it, select my audio interface, connect a guitar and play around :smiley: :+1:
    However, I couldn’t figure out how to connect it to my wifi.
  2. Since I only have a short ethernet cable here, I tried the same with a notebook. I was hoping to get an internet connection via ethernet and access additional plugins and pedalboards. This didn’t work out, because the GUI wasn’t stable. It was flickering and basically unusable.
  3. I created a VM with VirtualBox and booted that from the ISO. It worked, but the screen resolution of the guest system was too low, so that I could only see a part of the MOD screen. Additionally, there was a huge latency in the audio.

While I keep patiently waiting for my Dwarf I would love to have the mod-live-usb as a replacement. However, I’m not sure, whether it’s worth any further effort. That’s why I finally decided to join the forum.

Can somebody answer these questions for a start?

  1. How close to the Dwarf can the mod-live-usb be? Can it provide the full access at the plugin store?
  2. Does it make sense to put it into a virtual machine or is this nonsense due to the latency issues? (I thought a VM might allow to use my WiFi connection.)


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In terms of using the pedalboard and its features, very close.
Only control chain and controller (knobs and buttons) are obviously not available.
And it is a bit behind in regards to features, I dont update that project often.

No, and this is unwanted. the live-usb is a static system with no network features.

Not suitable for a VM unless you just want to try out pedalboard features and plugins.

The live-usb is mostly still an experiment on my side, it is far from finished and not to be considered an official product.


Thanks for the super fast response!
I’m a bit sad now :wink:

I guess that means, I’ll simply have to keep waiting and just play around with the live-usb every now and then

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