I wish there is a pedal version of the Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2

I’ve bought up Note to Midi conversions before on other strings… I understand that they take up a lot of processing power and wouldn’t work well for the Duo.
But I wonder if there is a way to make a pedal which will do the type of conversion that Jam Origin’s Midi Guitar 2 does. http://www.jamorigin.com/
Polyphonic guitar note to midi conversion with a single jack.

A roldan GR-55 with Pickup combo is $800 and would still need installation. The Roland SY-300 ($700) is polyphonic with no special pickup but is only internal and doesn’t offer midi conversion.

Would it be possible to make a stomp box powerful enough at a reasonable price which would do what the Jam Origin software does? Just the note to midi part…

That would be so cool!


well, on the site the system requirements say it will work on an i3 or an iphone5 so thats about what you need (1.3 GHz dual core, 1GB RAM). Unfortunately its hard to get a reasonably cheap device that runs any of the operating systems Jam Origin supports (windows, OSX, iOS). If you could convince them to port it to linux, you might have some cool options (a raspberry pi 3 is close). Send them a message and ask if they’ll port it to mod!
As for their algorithm, I’m sure they keep it under lock and key so somebody would have to invest the same level of R&D they did to produce an alternative.

Thanks @ssj71,

The software does so much more than just Note to Midi. It has effects and sound generation as well. It would be sooo cool to have a small box that can sit on a pedalboard for just the note to midi function.

Well, if you really wanted, you could build something with a compute stick, something along the lines of this https://liliputing.com/2016/11/intel-compute-sticks-apollo-lake-chips-coming-2017.html, add the smallest preamp you can find (perhaps a cheap iRig adapter or an Apogee one), and hook it up to a power source and let the recognised MIDI notes flow into the Duo. It would certainly fit into one of the bigger stompboxes!

I thought about this to run the S-Gear amp simulations after the Duo. But I have a strong Windows allergy and just hope that someday we can use impulse responses on the beautiful MOD platform.

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Midi Guitar 2 runs on iPod Touch 6gen with Irig midi and some small audio interface

it is tiny , cheap and might do the job , just saying …