I’m in a time bind and haven’t been active much

Hey MOD Fam,

Just checking in!

I’ve been promoted at work, and my free time has dwindled to dangerously low levels. Unfortunately that means I haven’t been as active.

I’m still trying to check the forum everyday and seeing if I can help out.

I’m currently in driving school this week, and will move to 6 days a week until peak starts.

Peak season is arriving at my work shortly, and due to my promotion, I’ll be moving to very long 14 hour days for a few months. I may not even be able to play with my DUOX when it arrives :sob:

Once I get some free time again, I’m hoping to keep recording and making tutorial content on the MOD devices the best I can.

On the bright side, by the time I can get back in front of my gear, there will most likely be new firmware for me to test out!

I hope you are all doing well, and are having a peaceful time in your daily lives.



dude. you have quickly become one of the most active and helpful members of this wonderful community… not a bad thing to have a life outside of our MOD devices! :wink:

…for my part, i’ve not been able to be nearly as involved in recent months, because of other audio production work and a bunch of purely acoustic playing…

we all have our rhythm!

take care and be well!


Thanks Plutek!

I really like being here, and at least after my busy season I may be able to get more active again.

I hope you are well!


Update to this post.

I passed all of my driving exams, drill drives, road tests, and courses!

I’m officially moving to the big leagues!

Stressful week, and glad it’s over!

Hope you all are well!