I know this is a stupid question, but probably I am stupid

I am having trouble to get the dwarf connected in the way I thought it might work. I’m lacking of some basics here, I am not a studied IT professional, I am a simple guitarist on acoustics who wanted to extend its world. I am already stuck in how to connect physically the dwarf into a audio interface(Arturia Fuse Studio). I want to connect an Ukulele and some other instruments via the Arturia and be able to use the dwarf as the multi effect gadget for all of them. Is that possible or am I …? I can’t find any simple drawing, what would help tremendously , showing what kind of cable goes where. Can someone help without to much of a laugh?


Hey Gkendo!

The dwarf should work for this just fine.

I have a small 2 in 2 out interface that I use for recording, and use my mixer to handle the effects to loops.

However, I believe your set up will work similarly.

My particular has a Main out, Out 2 (copy of main), and Headphone (cue) out. I generally use Out 2 as my audio send to my dwarf, and then return from the dwarf (or Duo X depending on what I’m using) back into my mixer.

What this arrangement allows me to do, is to send particular input channels straight into the dwarf for effects.

I looked up your interface and it has 2 options that I can see:
1: use headphone out for an effects send
2: Inserts

This article breaks down the differences.

I haven’t personally used an insert before, and I’m not sure if you have a return channel or would need an insert cable. I personally use the effects send because it was the easiest one for me to implement in my set up.

There are a lot of people here who have way more knowledge about this situation, and they may have a better solution haha


There are no stupid questions and we all here have a lot to learn and to teach.
I bet that you can teach most of us to play the ukelele (for example) :wink:

Thanks, @Elk_wrath for the help :slight_smile:

@gkendo let us know if you manage to set it up. We are all certainly happy to help you :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your kind response. I worked last night on that issue, I used a insert cable, i attached the the two mono ends into the dwarf and the one stereo into inserts of the audio interface, the guitar into input instrument of the audio interface. The guitar (Godin, acoustic) works fine, but the dwarf doesn’t work. Can’t hear any effect. If I connect the Godin directly to the dwarf, works fine. Can’t get my head around, why I can’t get the dwarf working by attaching it to the audio interface. Obviously have to spent more nights in just digging into the net to find guidance and knowledge how to connect an multi effect to an audio interface. What a nightmare. But again I appreciate your help very much,

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What are your input and output gain settings on the dwarf?

I use synthesizers, and they are line level for audio output. I have to have 0% input gain and 100% output gain.

Unpowered instruments generally need more input gain. I’d recommend leaving output at max gain.

I am having 60% input and 100% output gain in the audio settings, but …

Do you have no sound?
This may sound really stupid (and I already did that mistake myself even after using the device a lot!), but if you have no sound just make sure that you are not trying to input the audio in the output port of the device. The inputs are on the right and the outputs on the left.

or maybe insert cable wrong way round try swapping them over. Same as what Jon said but cable mis identification rather than dwarf socket mis identification. Do you have another pedal you can swap the dwarf for to check?


Hello supporters
after 2 nights short before committing suicide, because I really felt so stupid like very seldom in my life, I made that thing working today. BUT, I don’t know how. The same cables at the same switches, the same buttons pushed and suddenly it worked. The only difference was, I attached the beat buddy as suggested from Austin, and that thing worked. So in a rush I swaps all cables to the Dwarf and I couldn’t believe, there was a sound. Thanks all for your suggestions and support. Looks like that this misery stays a misery.


Thats great news - there really is no stupid questions in life and sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes on something .

We have all been there at some points.

Just remember to ask anytime, there are some really great folks on here that always chip in when you need.