I can't install Pedalboards

Hi, if i try to install pedalboards from the pedalboards Feed at https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/
i always receive this message:

installation failed! Please make sure your MOD device is connected so you can access the UI from this same browser. Also you must be running the latest release.

Wait, don’t have a MOD device? You should definitely check it out at: http://moddevices.com/

i’m using google chrome on my mac, my dwarf is connected and i can mod and build my pedalboards but cannot install other’s pedalboards, sorry for my english
help, grazie

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there is a limitation in chrome. It only works with firefox.


Yeah, Chrome (and browsers based on it, which is everything except Firefox at this point) broke non-https online → local connections in something they call “Private Network Access”.
It is a whole mess, MOD is not the single one affected.

We have a workaround for it in the v1.11 pre-release.

Alternatively as @spunktsch said, it works with Firefox as-is. At least for now anyway…

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