I ask for help in mastering the device!

Hi all. I bought a MOD Duo X processor. I am very pleased. But there is a point that is unclear to me. I ask for your help. How can I synchronize the delay with an external midi tempo clock? I didn’t find a MIDI input for the clock on any plugin. Could you please tell me how to synchronize pedal plugins with an external midi clock?

First off: not all plugins will support synchronizing to clock.
Second: you’ll need to sync the entire unit to external clock in the device settings.

However having the MOD unit sync to external time is not the most stable (yet), it’s been a request to improve this in a future update.


About plugins being or not being able to sync to clock.
Some plugins, while have knobs in milliseconds or something, and do not look like they are tempo-syncable, still can be actually configured in fractions of a beat, as for example avocado delay:

MOD would automatically tweak that ms knob according to tempo.

Not every plugin supports this as well, probably knob should have some specific units name, but for a long time I tought that Bollie delay is the only which can be tempo synced, while in fact many others can do it as well using this approach, so I guess you might be interested.