Hum, whine, noise MOD DUO

Hello Everyone,

I’ve found myself unable to use the MOD DUO recently due to a very ugly whine it makes. I’ve tried plugging it into the same circuit as the amp and I’ve run a cable to another circuit. I’ve tried a variety of pedalboard configurations as well as with nothing. I am running it alone when I try and I’ve worked through a series of cables, guitars, and amps all the the same effect. I’ve tried running with no pedal emulations and without. I know many of us report similar issues and I am curious if it’s the power cable that comes with the DUO.

Below is a sample. Note this is on a clean channel of a multivalve Dual Rectifier.

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Considering that this is a MOD Duo, did this just start happening now? When and from where you got it?

I suggest you also take a look and try these techniques here. Just the ground loop compensation is not available for the MOD Duo.

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Hi. I have a similar noise when my computer is running.
It took me 2 months to find the solution: power off the computer.
Have you a computer running in the same room?


To be clear here, the option is not visible on the Duo because it is always on.


Well, a year and a half later, I finally have time to get back into this issue. I thank everyone for their suggestions. I’ve tried a number of things and nothing has worked so far. I’ve even moved to a new house and hoped maybe it was just dirty power, but that wasn’t the case. I don’t have computers running when I’m doing this. It’s in the same power strip as the amp. I don’t have a gain boost in my mod pedal board. I’ve tried using a different power line, using a grounding converter, I’ve tried it on multiple amps, some with ground lifts and others without.

The ground issue has been present since the start but I don’t get a lot of time to problem solve so I sometimes have weeks between each attempt with the pedal.

I can say that the sound doesn’t start until the pedal fully loads. Once it loads and the leds glow, the sound starts.

It’s sad because I really like the sounds I’m getting from the plug ins but the duo hasn’t been used but a few times in a couple years.

What a commitment to your MOD device! :smiley:

In honest though, I am sorry that none of the suggested countermeasures worked for you. Thanks for your patience and easy communication. All the best to you!

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I didn’t really understand how to disable the “codec gain” suggested on the WIKI

“When the output of your device is too “hot” (or loud) for the device that you have it plugged into, it’s better for the range to turn down on the codec gain (on the settings of your device) than to do it using a plugin in the pedalboard.”

I think it means using the device’s built-in gain controls accessible from the settings menu.

Which will lead you to output gain settings.

I have a MOD DUO, is it possible to do this?

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It looks like you can: Device Settings - MOD Wiki

Yes, today I use these parameters to change inputs and outputs. However, today they are no longer in % but in Db. Anyway, I need faster control to configure the inputs and outputs. That’s why I thought about being able to assign gain control effects at the beginning and end of the effects chain and simply “disable” these MOD input controls.
In my case, today I’m using DUO like this:
CH1 - Guitar - WHA BOSS - SD1 BOSS - tube amplifier INPUT - send - MOD - return)

So the signal arrives with a considerable gain in the mod, especially when I use distortions, not to mention that I use more than one amplifier, different configurations, different places… anyway, I’m having a lot of work to configure the MOD before rehearsals and shows (the band people laugh a lot about this). As I am using the DUO only for modulation, I need to be able to quickly calibrate the sound between Bypass and modulated by the DUO.

So the question is: How many Db should I leave in the Input and Output in the DUO System? If I put a gain control at the beginning, will it be able to manage this input?

It could be possible to list these functions through an effect in the effects chain (the gain itself could have the “Hardware Gain Input/output” function) to assign to the DUO Knobs, as well as the Hardware Bypass - MOD Audio.

falkTX, would it be possible?


I’m usually have my input at -12Db for my guitar, the output I leave at 0Db. I play my Dwarf to a amp. -12Db on the input leave me enough headroom to use what ever effect I like on the Dwarf while control the output with a Gain plugin.


Thanks for the direct answer and with information that I can test lol. The issue is that I use Bypass a lot, so sometimes I have big jumps in volume. As I play with different guitars with different types of pickups, I also always make small adjustments to the amplifier, and I also do them in the mod. So it would be easier for me to leave presets in the “gain effect” within the effects chain than to enter the profiles in the system, in addition to being able to have fine adjustment control with pre-established parameters listed in the Knobs.

My pedalboard today:

Note: In the empty space I still use a Marshal Bluesbreaker that is undergoing maintenance, meaning more gain.

I made Toppers for the switches and knobs myself… I made them to measure.