How to use snapshots directly on Dwarf ? Why no navigation mode for them

Let me first introduce this post by specifying that I am speaking of the playing moment where no browser is USB (or other) connected to Dwarf.
Snapshot seems a very powerful feature but it seems that the only way to use it is to assign it, when in browser, to a device switch and press it to recall the snapshot when playing?
May be assign it to a midi CC or PC but I have not tried, actually I am simply trying to use the Dwarf by itself as a normal pedal.
Did I am missing something ?
When I set navigation mode on, I only navigate through pedalboards.
Apparently, when I want to save my current conf of parameters for current board, there is no way to save a snapshot directly ? And actually none of those parameters are saved ???

I would appreciate a clarification and an improvement of snapshot feature for play time, I would appreciate to be able to :

  • navigate through snapshots as I do for pedal board, may be by a button
  • save my actual parameters in a new snapshot, or overwriting an old one
  • copy/delete snapshots
  • change the assigned switch (same for pedalboards but it is another subject)

Does this exist ?
If not could it be incorporated in next updates ?

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Hi Christian,

Snapshots can be used directly on the Dwarf through the snapshot navigation mode. You can see Jesse demonstrating it in the Dwarf at a Glance video here.

When in navigation mode, press the left footswitch to change from pedalboards to snapshots

Pedalboard and snapshot management from the device (saving, reordering, renaming etc) is currently being worked on and will be in the next major update


Thanks , I did forget this video I had viewed at its coming out.
Nice, it it would be very nice to be able to save snapshots directly on Dwarf to keep parameters adjustments made during play time.


Not sure if it’s on the roadmap and how it will be handled when the pedalboard blocks are in place. But anyway it goes to the famous list :wink:

EDIT: Still not sure, but after some talk it come the impression that this will come with the 1.11. Maybe @falkTX can give his wizard magical experience and tell us if this is actually true.

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I didn’t understand the difference between pedalboards and snapshots, could someone show me some examples of using snapshots? I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot.

It’s simple. Basically pedalboards save the loaded plugins, routing, etc.
Snapshots are used inside the pedalboards and save only the status of each plugin.
Example of pedalboard:

  • it loads a big muff + an amp and a cab sim
  • other pedalboard loads a tube screamer + amp + cab + shiroverb

Example of snapshots for the second example pedalboard:

  • the tube screamer is on in one snapshot the shiroverb is off
  • both are on
  • the tube screamer is on and the drive is on maximum
  • the tube screamer is on with the drive in 1/4
  • the shiroverb is on with the mix on maximum
    the shiroverb is on with the mix on half

Basically the snapshots save the status of each effect on your pedalboard.


thank you very much, as always you are very thorough.



New user here. I’m working on getting my bearings for what I can and can’t do.

I did a search all and couldn’t find an answer to this specific question…

Is it correct that it’s not yet possible to delete, rename, reorder snapshots? I have figured out how to navigate between them in the ui and on the pedal, but I made a snapshot I’d like to delete or reorder, and I keep getting that it’s not possible with hardware connected, but I can’t open the snapshot unless it is connected.


Hello, you can’t do that on the device itself, but you can do everything via the web interface except for the reordering. So renaming and deleting is no problem there. Reordering is not implemented yet. Unfortunately, I don’t know where this is on the roadmap. But I’ve managed without it so far and use the snapshots to switch through the patches of my connected HX Stomp for each part of my songs in the right order with the Mindi plugin, so that I only have to press the Next button on the Dwarf.

You will find the menu for the snapshots in the center at the top of the window.

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@falkTX can give a more accurate timeline for this but as far as I know it is already being worked on now and will be part of the next update


It is already part of v1.11, it is just a matter on when that releases. It will be only for the Dwarf initially though.
We can more or less certainly say that at the end of this month there will be an usable OS image to install with this included, be it final or still in release candidate.


Thanks everyone! Looking forward to that next release! I’m sure enjoying the discovery process, especially learning more about effects I’ve never owned. It can be hard on someone with ADHD… I have to set alarms so I don’t get lost in hyper focus, lol.


Checking in to see if any method of reordering snapshots ever made it to the Duo X… :man_shrugging:t4: