How to upload additional presets to generators on a Duo X?

  1. Do you recommend against users (non-devs) uploading (ssh) their own presets to the folders where synth generators live? I’m assuming we could store them in a user preset area so that they wouldn’t be overwritten during upgrades
  2. If not, which folder should we use?
  3. Anything we should change? I seem to remember that they should be listed in some file for the software to list them
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We have two kinds of presets regarding the plugins. The first one is the factory presets. These are are included with the plugin. When you open up the extended menu for the plugin these should be the first presets that you see(That’s the menu that opens when you click on the gear icon above the plugin) . The second one is the user presets. Above the preset list is an option where you can choose to see either the factory presets or the user presets. Under the list of presets is an icon of a box with an arrow. This is to save a new preset. Once it’s saved it will show up under ‘user presets’. In theory you could add your own presets to the factory presets as well, but it will be overwritten once you update the plugin.

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Thank you for your answer.
My idea was more to SSH to the device and then copy hundreds of public or commercial presets that may exists for some of the generators, to it. Thinking about synths like noisemaker or Helm.


Ah I understand. The controls for the NoiseMaker that we have in our store are different from the regular version, so these will not be compatible. Aside from that, the user presets are stored in ‘/root/.lv2/’. The presets are stored in bundles just as the plugins are. So you could create a directory containing the presets, and copy it to ‘/root/.lv2/’. Here is some more information about it: . You could also search for one of your user presets on your DUO and look how these files are structured to get an beter understanding on how it works.


Makes more sense now. This will require to adapt all presets I will want to add. Big task!
One more question about bundles. If I create a bundle of presets, how does the plugin know that it can load these presets? It’s automatic?

The presets are linked by this part in the ttl: lv2:appliesTo followed by the plugin URI (this is the unique identifier for the specific plugin. For instance the URI of the caps auto filter looks like this So to link a preset it will be like lv2:appliesTo <> . The presets that you want to copy should have this line already included and should use the same URI, so they should be found automatically.


I will give it a go.