How to tag, rename, move a topic... + Forum Category

I 'm really sorry to ask a so dumb question…

I didn’t find how to tag a topic (eg , as resolved). I saw this post :

But couldn’t see a pencil right to the topic title…
Also, is it possible to rename a topic, move it to another category ?

By the way, I don’t know if it’s the right place to ask, but I could not find any “Forum Use Questions” category. Could this kind of category be useful?

Mmm creating this precise post, I have the pencil…
So this suggests that the title of my other post, the one I want to tag, is too long and hides the pencil… So … what could I do if it’s the case ?!

Moreover, clicking on the pencil show how to rename or change category, but is there a special way to tag, apart from renaming with a [bracketed tag] …

I believe the random or the #contribute:feedback may make the work. We have a group of users moderators to help improve the forum.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion and if more users believe that that makes sense…I’m no one to set rules here :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if that’s the case. I believe that you can edit it regardless of the length of the title. Wasn’t it a case of trust levels that in the meanwhile you got increased by the interaction in the forum?

When you create a new topic, you can see under the title field on the right a field to add tags. We have been discussing that in the moderator’s talk. Truth is, that mostly tags around here are not so used and we still didn’t find a way to make them stick so they make sense and people use it.

Thanks for your answer.

Ok, so it could be… So do you think that this topic title locked for ever or one day I will be able to edit it ?
And : is there some sort of table relating the number of badges and the actions allowed ? For example I remember to have desperately searched for the “new topic” button before discovering that I wasn’t allowed yet…

Is access to this feature also subject to seniority in the forum?

Now I understand better the problem. That’s simply a view. I believe that if you scroll all the way up to the very first post, the little pencil will appear :slight_smile: Can you confirm it?

Yes. Not from us, but from Discourse (the forum platform provider). You can find it here (not exactly a table thou)

Hmm…eventually. Anyway, I think we already realized that you are not a bot or a spammer, yet a potential great community member :slight_smile: So I just raised your trust levels manually :slight_smile: Do you see the tags field now?

Yes I can ! What happened, why wasn’t it the case before ? Pretty sure I already tried to scroll before …many times… but anyway, now it works, thanks a lot.

ok… instructive

mmm be careful, I could be chat gpt disguised :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(still don’t see tags but let it go… I could be a bot but don’t want to waste your time though, especially if you said tags are useless)

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Maybe raising your trust levels also helped. I’m honestly not sure, but glad it’s now working.


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