How to send an instant value?

I’m using the Stereo X-Fade pedal to fade between 2 stereo sources. With the control knob at -1 it’s 100% signal A and at +1 it’s 100% signal B. With the knob at 0 it’s an even mix of the 2 signals.

It works great but at times I need to instantly fade from signal A to signal B. Meaning I want to send a +1 value to the pedal control with the push of a button (or the twist of a knob).

I know I can push-turn the knob to move quickly but it’s not fast enough. I want an instant change.

How would I go about doing that?

You can use CV to set the value change to the knob. Control to CV - MOD Audio and give the behavior , turn on Manage CV ports, give it a name and assign the CV on/off switch to a Device or Midi switch CV Tutorial - MOD Wiki


Thanks for the CV tip. I’ve got it working to instantly switch between the 2 inputs but it removes the assignment I had for the knob.

I still need to continuously control the fade with a knob but also be able to sometimes make an instant switch with the CV control.

Is that possible?

EDIT: OK, I got it. I use the CV to control both the gradual changes and the abrupt change. This takes 2 knobs in the UI, which isn’t ideal, and it’s a but finicky with the knob-as-a-button but it definitely does work. Thanks!