How to Save and Access PreSets From My Pedalboard for Performance

I have a StageFive PedalBoard, with effects I’ve collected for many many years. I have a variety of guitars, and such a variety of sounds I would like to save, and be able to access, in a live, performance setting, I’ve always wondered whether anyone made such a product. Where I can save and store my favorite sounds from my own pedalboard, and have them at the touch of my foot, say 10, 12 or 15 settings. It seems like it should be something quite common, and something one would think might be easy to find, but, i have no idea where to begin. If anyone is familiar with such a device, I would be extremely grateful.

I’m not sure I exactly understand, but if you are thinking of using a Mod Duo to copy some of your sounds, it may just turn out to be a bit frustrating, as the Duo doesn’t have exactly every plugin (though it has more than you could audition in a week) and you’d have to spend a LOT of time tweaking to get things exactly copied from your HW pedalboard. If you are happy with “close enough” though you will probably find it works very well.

If though you are thinking of combining the Mod Duo with your pedalboard, there are some great possibilities, especially if your pedalboard is midi-controllable, the Duo can send program changes to it as you switch presets on the Duo.

Finally, if you are thinking of something that can capture the effects of your pedalboard and play them back like the kemper profiler does with amps, I’m not aware of anything. The technical challenge of such a thing is enormous, since there is virtually no limit to the nonlinearities a full pedalboard could create in the signal. The Duo doesn’t have any sort of measurement or reproduction capabilities like this.

If none of these provide any answers please help me understand your question better. :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting back to me, I guess what I’m looking to do is access a variety of my own personal settings, which I use with my pedalboard, which took me along time to find. I wish I could save, settings I create on my board, and be able to trigger them with them on another unit, and have maybe 10 or 15 settings saved. I’m surprised people haven’t run into this, for, if I’m working, I’d like to access any saved patch, or pre-set which I created on my pedalboard, should I want to, without having to bend down and change the settings each and every time. Hope that might illustrate it a little better, when I use my Tele, I would like to access certain pre-sets, when i use my Paul or my 335, other pre-sets, each guitar has it’s own unique sound, I’m surprised no one has come up with such a device. I hope that illustrates it better for you. I guess it’s the ability to create sounds or patches on my board, with my effects, save them somehow, and be able to access them in some way, other than getting on my hands and knees and changing the settings, that should do it, I hope.
Anyway, I thank you for your time, if you have any ideas, or understand a little better, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Well the mod duo can do exactly that in several ways. It has the ability to save and recall different pedalboards, presets per pedalboard as well as presets per effect. This is possible because all the effects are virtual pedals. With hardware pedals the cost to change pots to encoders and change the settings with digital pots is prohibitive but would allow you to save presets and recall them. Synthesizers do this all the time. Anyway I digress. The only possible downside is if you HAVE TO HAVE some certain pedal and there is no equivalent on the Mod Duo (yet). You can look through the effects at and see if everything you’d need is there (and note there is an “unstable” section of plugins which is more like “not thoroughly enough vetted yet” which has many times what appears in that page). Feel free to ask about specific things if you have trouble finding something.

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I appreciate your response, the thing is, I’ve sought out these particular, pedals, have developed a sound, with them, and have yet to really work with plug ins, or at least, really taken the time to tweak them to get any kind of rich flavorful sound, whereas with my pedal board, I’ve got patches which took years to get spot on. I have a feeling, what I want to do can’t be done, they’re analog, and I guess you can’t manipulate these kinds of sounds, like we do with plug ins. Well, it’s a luxury problem, it’s all good, but was hoping, I could maybe find a way to sample? or create a sample of some of my patches, and maybe find a way to recall them with some new technology. I heard about a loop switcher , but don’t think thats what Im really after.
Anyway thanks so much, for your time and consideration, really appreciate it.

no worries. Probably the only way to really get it will be a loop switcher with multiple copies of your pedals so you have each set to the different settings you need. So ya, there’s not really a way to do it unless you have big money to throw at it.

I dimly remember a a product which was mechanically attached to knobs of guitar pedals and could physically turn and activate them by sending MIDI signals. I cant find the source now now (was a crowdfunding campaign IIRC) but wondered who would be interested in such a fragile construction.

In the digital domain, the MOD Duo is arguably your best bet undless you want to full-fledged computer to the stage. There are also some pedals are MIDI controllable (Strymon Timeline, Strymon Big Sky) or offer some sorts of presets (Chase Bliss Audio comes to mind.) But yeah, if you already found your holy grail tone it will probably be expensive… best of luck though!


though really with the Mod you are bringing a full fledged computer to the stage (it was built for that though). :smiley:


It is quite tempting to start splitting hairs hairs with you about whether the Duo is full-fledged or not :smiley: